THYROSIM Apps for Education and Research on Human Thyroid Hormone Regulation Dynamics

We developed THYROSIM to facilitate education and research activities in endocrinology and metabolism (not self-medication!). Behind the scenes, the app runs as a well-validated and mechanistically-based model of human thyroid hormone regulation dynamics.

The simple and intuitive user interface facilitates performance of simulated “what-if” experiments. User-selectable “experimental” test-input dosages (oral hormone doses, IV-pulses, IV-infusions) are represented by animated graphical icons integrated with a cartoon of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis (shown below). Simulations of familiar hormone (T3, T4 and TSH) temporal dynamic responses to these exogenous stimuli are reported graphically along with normal ranges on the same single-page; and multiple sets of simulated experimental results are superimposable, to facilitate comparative analyses. Importantly, it is freely accessible to researchers, teachers and clinicians, from virtually anywhere, on modern hand-held devices as well as computers. It accurately reproduces a wide range of published clinical study data reporting hormonal kinetic responses to large and small oral hormone challenges. Simulation examples of treated and untreated hypothyroidism, partial-thyroidectomies and malabsorption illustrate typical usage, by optionally changing thyroid gland secretion and/or gut absorption rates – expressed as percentages of normal – adding oral hormone dosing, all directly on the interface, and visualizing the kinetic responses to these challenges.

THYROSIM app Interface below: Example shown is a simulated hypothyroid patient with 50% hormone secretion, with 50 μg T4 oral dose treatment daily from day 5 for a month