COMBOS: proactive expert web application for Structural Parameter Identifiability of input-output ODE models.

THYROSIM: proactive expert web application (app) for education and research on thyroid hormone regulation dynamics in humans. User-friendly simulator based on a sophisticated model of human thyroid hormone system feedback regulation.

MCSIM 2: Version 2 is a proactive web application for MONTE CARLO SIMULATION of algebraic models of prospective and retrospective experimental data.This requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Download  Click here for instructions for Version 2.

PATIENTS: (PATIent adherence Educational iNTeractive Server). An animated patient-education program providing overview knowledge about how thyroid hormone is produced and regulated in humans – in both normal and abnormal thyroid states. Information is provided visually – and audibly.

The focus is on thyroid physiology, from glandular hormone production and secretion basics, to an overview of feedback regulation of thyroid hormone levels by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Key features include information about several thyroid diseases, and an animated “simulator” graphically illustrating some of the consequences of noncompliance (non-adherence).i.e. what happens when hypothyroid patient “Joe” does not take medication as directed.

W3DIMSUM: Version 1.5Beta is a proactive “expert system” web application (app) for MULTIEXPONENTIAL MODELING, designed to fit sums of 1 to 4 exponentials to a set of data, as well as suggest best fit candidate models based on a decision tree of statistical criteria. Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Download

W3MAMCAT: Version 1 is a proactive “expert system” web application for MAMMILLARY & CATENARY MULTICOMPARTMENTAL MODELING & DISTINGUISHABILITY. It can be used to quantify microparameters (kij’s) or their interval bounds from multiexponential macroparameters (As and Lambdas) and distinguish mammillary from catenary model structures in multiexponential outputs. It requires Microsoft IE 6 or less to run remotely.

VISION-BIOMODBASE: Visual Interactive On-line Navigation Biomodeling Data Base, a visual and interactive means for facilely displaying, documenting and updating biomodels, with ready-access to all embedded supportive data and reference material.