Graduation Party Barbeque Celebration, June 22, 2003

What’s cookin’, doc?

Good stuff! Healthy too!

Food makes me happy!

Wanna hear more?

Now lemme see…

Delicioso! Vegan, too.

Hey Pete, let’s eat, mo’ meat!

Salmon around…I eat salmon around, all day, with you…
C C C Bb Ab Bb C Eb F G G G F Eb G

Dancin’ ‘n’ dancin’ with my man whoze handsome,
Rantin’ ‘n’ ravin’ is what he duzz…
On that big fiddle.

Waitin’ for inspiration…
He told me it’ll come, with time and effort, but…

Only the gods (and a lot mo’ inspiration ‘n’ perspiration) can help me finish my thesis on time.

I finally got some help…

..and repeat before me.
(After raising a left hand)

Studying for the PhD in piano playing on a surfboard.